Provide better cardiovascular care, with a better bottom line.

Screen for incidental coronary calcium on routine chest CTs in real-time.

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Real clinical results

In routine chest CTs from 303 patients across 4 health systems using scanners from multiple manufacturers, Bunkerhill CAC has demonstrated 90.3% PPV and 89.5% NPV identifying calcium scores of greater than 100, the cutoff at which AHA guidelines recommend initiation of statin therapy (Eng, et al. Automated Coronary Calcium Scoring Using Deep Learning with Multicenter External Validation. 2021).

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Better care with a better bottom line

20M chest CTs are acquired, but CAC is typically unreported.

Augment your lung cancer screening program to also screen for cardiovascular problems
Streamlined Discovery

Find patients with cardiovascular risk factors from their routine chest CTs

Greater Reach

Increase cardiology referrals for patients with a high calcium score

Measurable Outcomes

Initiate preventive therapies for patients with a high calcium score

Clinical Workflow

For investigational use only

December 17, 2021
December 17, 2021
December 17, 2021